Services for everyone

The need to engage with a therapist may arise from a variety of contexts and circumstances in life – we provide personalized and tailored services to address your individual needs. Our intake process helps to identify how we can help you, even if you’re not sure where to start.

Individual Therapy

Canadian Muslim Counselling’s individual therapy program offers customized and tailored one-on-one sessions. We work with you in a collaborative capacity to address your challenges and provide guidance to help you overcome them. Our therapists support individuals dealing with life’s challenges or stressors, and those who require counselling to move to a state of overall mental well-being. We draw on a variety of treatment methods to support clients with a variety of challenges including, but not limited to depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Addiction/substance use, grief, and anger management.

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Premarital Counselling

Premarital counselling services are designed and tailored to individuals considering a Nikah (Marriage). Many people think therapists are only for people that are already in the midst of challenges, but engaging in therapy can allow you and your spouse to learn how to identify issues and handle conflict. Our premarital sessions are designed to explore and educate potential couples on the Islamic concept of marriage, marital attraction and preparation, a couple’s expectations and assumptions concerning marriage, healthy communication, conflict resolution, understanding gender differences, financial responsibility and practical tools in how to balance work and life. Sessions may include personality questionnaires, exploration of childhood and family dynamics, and a look at personal factors that would not be considered healthy for a potential spouses.

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Marital Therapy

Therapy with couples is a guided process of intervention that seeks to exhibit and enhance understanding between the spouses. The goal is to produce a system of compromise and understanding that engenders a synchronized complementary relationship between one another. Our goal with couples therapy is to come to a collective and mutual decision about the best course of action, ultimately made by the couple with accompanying recommendations from the therapist/counsellor. The number of sessions required is contingent upon the situation and the couple. Canadian Muslim Counselling engages Islamic principles to provide religious/spiritual accommodation where necessary. It is important to note that spiritual and religious matters are incorporated at the discretion of the therapist/counsellor and/or upon the couple’s request. Therapy is not a tool that is only used to resolve conflict. However, within the therapeutic process, couples can grow in their love and guide couples toward an improved relationship.

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Family Therapy

At Canadian Muslim Counselling, we understand family as a support system that thrives when individuals feel comfortable, respected, and connected. The quality of an individual’s family relationships often sets the stage for the quality of all relationships in that person’s life. We provide a safe environment where all family members can discuss issues openly and be guided to a place of mutual understanding and respect. Our family counselling services are Islamically informed and will give your family the help to work through issues no matter how big or small. Our team of psychotherapists and counsellors would be honoured to provide family counselling to help support you in creating a harmonious family environment.

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Religious Counselling

Religious Counselling

Mental health considerations are deeply rooted within Islam. Individuals may be challenged with a combination of psycho-spiritual challenges that ultimately are consequential to their mental health and/or spiritual state.  As a mental health institution, we hope to close the gap between religious leadership and mental health workers. Our religious consultants are not only trained Muftis within Islamic Law but are also trained in the social sciences.

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Culturally competent, religiously informed

Culturally competent, religiously informed

Our faith-based approach allows us to bridge the gap between traditional psychological support, and Islamic theological principals to provide an integrated service designed to uniquely address social, psychological, familial, relational and spiritual issues of Muslim communities.